About Kari Carr

Kari Carr, who also writes as K.B. Carr, is the author of I Love You to the Moon and Back, her debut picture book, and the Weird & Wacky Planet non-fiction nature series for 8 to 12.

She is also the host of the podcast Nature Just Got Real! for kids.

She lives in West Michigan with her dog Captain Jack, who is a girl dog with a pirate's name, as well as other assorted weird & wacky creatures.

You can check out the Weird & Wacky Planet books and podcast HERE!

About Carrot Cake Press

At Carrot Cake Press, we understand that we can never tell our kids we love them enough, but they don’t always ‘hear’ it.

We know you want your children to feel secure in your love, always. In order to do that, you need a way to express your unconditional love in a way that sticks. 

As kids grow up, they may start to wonder WHY you love them, and if that love will remain no matter what. 

After a defining moment as a parent, Kari sat down and wrote I Love You to the Moon and Back as a love letter to her children and to children everywhere, as well as the people who love them unconditionally. 

As a company, Carrot Cake Press books and gifts are based on the "love out loud" concept, so the people we love never forget that we love them completely and unconditionally.