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10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

(and off their screens without an argument and with very little effort on your part).

(Yes, that's me as a cartoon...)


I should have called this 10 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside (and off their screens without a FIGHT!) because that's how it can be, am I right?


They do NOT want to give those devices up easily.

But...what if I told you that, not only will they put down those devices willingly, but also happily


It's true...and I want you to try it for yourself! 


Download this free guide and get your kids outside into Nature. There are sooo many benefits that kids get by interacting with Nature on a daily basis.


It lowers stress levels, increases creativity and well-being, and even helps them sleep better at night.


Who wouldn't want that for their kids?           (You had me at "sleep".)


Try out a few of these ideas yourself and see what you think. You don't have to try all ten of them. Just pick the one you think your kids will enjoy the most and go with it. If you don't know, let them pick one for themselves.You're sure to find at least one that will resonate with everyone.


But, don't take my word for it. Here's what a couple of other parents had to say:

​"Love the variety of ideas so that even if one or two are not feasible, there are lots of other options."


"My kids can't wait to try most of these. I can't believe we aren't fighting about putting down the video game controller!"



Wow, those are some strong words right there...


Download your guide today and get started on your outside adventures this Summer!

 I've got your back for nature-inspired fun this summer. I hope you enjoy doing these activities with YOUR kids!